Some time ago the Internet Jesus, Warren Ellis, wrote this:

* I love print. I love magazines that commit and pay for long articles
and long fiction. The web rewards neither approach. It’s a packeted
medium, a surf medium. Short bursts are the way to go. The web
isn’t a replacement medium — it’s *another” medium. That said, if
your concept of a magazine is something designed in one-page
bursts, or three pages that only carry 500 words due to the mass of
images, then, really, you’re not doing anything the web can’t do better, are you?

* Every day, millions of people download single lumps of data that
take them three minutes to consume. They’re called mp3s.
It’s a burst culture. Embrace the idea for a while.

* Bursts aren’t contentless, nor do they denote the end of Attention
Span. If attention span was dead, JK Rowling wouldn’t be selling
paperbacks thick enough to choke a pig, and Neal Stephenson wouldn’t
be making a living off books the size of the first bedsit I lived in.

It was, as most sermons are, inspiring. And so we have this – Litranaut. Explorations in Literature.

Have a look about – go to the shop, say hi on the forum – but come back and read.

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