Advent works in 3 groups of 8 stories. 7 actual stories and a round up story.

Traditionally this fit because the first 3 days normally introduced three characters. But then there has always been a rule of 3 about the previous Advent stories.

Still – to save clutter, each cycle will get it’s own page.

There are some repeats in this cycle, and some new photos too. Everyone who submitted will get at least one of their photos in. Some may get more.

And so, without further ado:

Dec 9:

This is another photo from Kostika. I was given full access to her Flickr feed. This was going to be used much later in the story but just presented itself yesterday and today, with a perfect story. Her Twitter is still here, and her flickr is still here.

Dec 10.

This must be my least connected person who submitted. I met Natalia Mekras while teaching a course on game design last year. We became friends and she supplied a bunch of photos, of which this is one. She’s funny, clever, a really great game’s producer and one of my newest friends. You can find her here.

Dec 11.

Lorna, Lorna, Lorna. I have known this wonderful woman for many years. I worked with her, shared a flat with her friend, met her in L.A. with her wonderful boyfriend, and officiated her renwal of vows with the same man. For someone I see so rarely – she lives on the other side of the world, after all, she means a great deal to me. Her two photos made such an impression, and linked so perfectly with others I had received, that they set the framework for this story. Lorna. A lovely lady that can be found here.

Dec 12:

Oh the lines that I cut out of this story. My favourite being:

She turned and looked out of the page. “Not this fourth wall, though.”

But it would have been for my pleasure only – and would have rather derailed the entire story.
Anyway. This photo was supplied by Trine Petersen. I met Trine when I first came to Denmark, pretty much, and we hit it off pretty quickly, becoming firm friends and flirting foils.

She submitted this and I remember thinking “Christ. I have no idea,” but  found it fit surprisingly easily.

You can find Trine here. And… I was sure she had a flickr account. If she does I’ll add it later.

Dec 13:

Twitter has never ceased to amaze me. I have met more wonderful, friendly, creative, brilliant people on there. And my Tweeps responded. There’s two Twitter supplied photos this week. Today’s was supplied by Tine Sørensen, a Drupal coder, city girl and taker of interesting photos. She sent 7 photos. Today’s, one next week, and a whole bunch that I’ll going to use into the new year. So, next time I see Tine, drinks will be on me. But you can all see her on Twitter, and on Facebook. Which reminds me, I need to add her as a friend there…

Dec 14:

Some people sent in more than one photo. Chris was one of those. His pictures were as diverse as they were interesting. There’s one more I want to use, but if it doesn’t make it into this cycle, then both will find stories in the new year.

As before, though, Chris can be found here and his other images are still here

Dec 15:

Todays image was selected by Martine Pedersen. My Martine. It’s very hard to write semi-dispassionate bios about your girlfriend, but I’ll give it a go. I met Martine some years ago and, on and off, we’ve been in each other’s orbit from the moment we set eyes on each other. Friends, confidantes, brothers in arms, travellers, pirates, ninjas, princesses. Well – she’s more the princess than me. She supplied all the images for the Second Litranaut Advent. She okays most of the stories before they go up. She is endlessly asked for final lines. And if I ever end a story with “It was just a dream” or “And they lived happily ever after” – you’ll know I’ve listened.

As Spellamina she has one of the most consistent online brands I have ever seen. She is Spellamina on Twitter. On Facebook. And on Flickr. And she has one more photo to go.

Dec 16:

So. Twitter. It’s brilliant. I’m more at home there, than Facebook, truth be told, because I met some awesome people there. In ways that I can’t begin to explain. One of them is Henrik Chulu. I’ve met Henrik a few times and he’s fantastic company and, it must be said, rather handsome. He’s funny, he’s geeky, he’s an awesome live tweeter too. But – for the longest time I didn’t know his name. And didn’t know the name I knew him by was his surname. I knew him as Chulu. On twitter. And at Tweet-Ups. His was one of the first photos I received. And, by rights, this should have been Dec 3’s picture. But this year I cheated. It was a hard one to place, but as the story came together this week, it was always going to be here – and all the other photos fit around this.

I’m going to let Henrik have the last word here, and post his e-mail footer.

Beers on me at the next Thursday Tradition.

Henrik Chulu

Musician & MA, Geography, Philosophy and Science Studies