As you can see this site publishes short/flash fiction.

Have a read of our About section for the whys and wherefores.

The word count should sit around 500, but I’ve tended to push it out to 750 if needed.

Essentially, the story needs to be read quickly and easily – no epics, and if you have a series, each episode needs to be a complete story in its own right.

The setting is speculative – steam, near future, alternate future, even shiny spaceships and ray guns.

The Legalese is… if it’s posted, you’ve given us first electronic and non-exclusive subsequent publication rights. This means we get to put it up first and we can put it in a book, on a t-shirt etc.

It goes up on the site under the same Creative Commons license as everything else.But you still own the story and can do with it what you want – however if you are selling it on then you need to point out that you’re selling it non-exclusively.

Because of this we can only accept stuff that’s not been published anywhere else.

I have an e-mail already set up for that ( and I’ll lookforward to anything you send and get back to you within a two shakes of a lambs tail about if it’s accepted and, if it is, when it’ll go up.