Procrastination is a wonderful thing.

All those hours saved by putting off important tasks put to use on other, equally important activities – TV, sleeping, surfing, catching up on your comics, MMOs. And, most importantly – worrying about the task you’re meant to be doing.

But, as astutely pointed out in “Fight Club”…no…”Withnail and I” – “You lose, you gain. Makes no difference so long as you keep taking the pills. But sooner or later you’ve got to get out because it’s crashing then all at once the frozen hours melt out through the nervous system and seep out the pores.”

Of course – they were talking about speed there, but the sentiment’s the same.

So it is most deliciously apt, that I am writing this at 31,500 ft. According to the map Iraq is somewhere to the southwest. I’ve already seen Stardust and cried to The Darjeeling Limited. It is simulated night but my eyes are pointedly glued..maybe dried, open and there is no sleep coming.

What better time to write an introduction?


All of that is, of course, a lie.

I was on that plane.

I did start that introduction but procrastination took me again and there was another movie, actually some sleep, but “I’m hammering this out waiting for my clothes to dry at the laundromat” just doesn’t have the same ring.


I stole that.

I stole that from myself. It’s the start of the collection of last years Christmas story.

If I’m lucky it’ll be out for this Christmas.


When I started Litranaut a very dear friend told me that if you did something every day for 30 days it would become second nature and you’d never stop.

Alas, this is true for slacking.

So, work piled on, and a slipped day became two slipped days, became a week.

And now we’re here – a new job in a different country.

October 1 we start again. Litranaut Season 2.

Of course there’s a trailer….