So this is it – the final 8.


If you’ve read this far, thank you. And thank you to all the photographers who submitted. Extra photos will be used next year. I’m thinking Sunday Photo story.

But – that’s then. Let’s do the now.

Dec 17:

Once again, this photo was supplied by Tine Sørensen. Look out for more photo stories from her next year. She can still be found on Twitter, and on Facebook.

Dec 18:

3rd week, 3rd photo. I would happily have used many, many more of Kostika’s photos. And there’s a lot to choose from. Once again, her Twitter is here, and her flickr, here.

Dec 19:

Today was an interesting day. 3 stories were started, based on 2 different photos. In the end, however, if was this story that started to write itself. Interestingly, this wasn’t a photo I had planned on using for Advent which I’m sure just goes to show…something. It is another of Chris Wild’s photo who, according to a Facebook update, is writing something for the site! Chris can still be found here and his other images are still here

Dec 20:

At this stage, having been “stuck” in Paris for 24 hours and just arrived home, it is fair to say I can be mistaken. However, I believe that this photo is the only one this week from a photographer that’s not been used before. And one with a great story.

I met Dan Poulsen because the 66 Bus wasn’t running. We were both at Christianshavn and decided to walk into Holmen together. The next day, the same thing – and then followed a random meeting on buses to, or from, our prospective jobs. Dan likes to say of me, “You’re ok for an old geezer.” Dan, on his part, is one of the most accomplished guys I’ve met. He’s done things in Europe (as in Parliament) with social media, he runs an insanely successful WoW blog for moonkin (If you have to ask, you’re not cool enough to know…). He’s got a great youtube channel where he gets scared playing scary games and he’s on twitter here.

Dec 21:

With this picture, I’m going to break one of my rules – the one that said no contributor could have more than one photo in a cycle.

But that rule wasn’t really golden. And so Martine supplies today’s photo. She is still Spellamina on Twitter. On Facebook. And on Flickr. And, now, she really does have one more photo to go.

Dec 22:

I have been waiting to use this image since I got it. I knew it was going to be the partner of Lorna’s light house and I just had to be patient. And now it’s paid off. The fact I had dual photos this year made this story. Our side, their side. And this was one of the most exciting photos because it gave me that fantastic duality. This came from Lisa, who gave me my fabulous photo from Dec 4. You can still find her here

Dec 23:

So. Here’s a thing. This photo was sent by an wonderful friend of mine. I’ve known her for a good few years, met her, hung out with her. She’s brilliant. Melissa, her name is. But…I’m not connected to her in any social media way at all.

And this photo was a life saver. I kinda wrote myself into a corner last night, and this story – as it’s written – wasn’t planned at all. So, I pulled this one out of the bag, juggled the next entries and – boom – this.

Ah – I’ve found her! She’s on Facebook. Thanks, Melly

Dec 24:

This is being updated on the motorway in Denmark with battery draining. So I’ll have to be quick.

This photo was perfect in so many ways. And was going to be tomorrow’s. But, it’s Christmas where I am, so tomorrow we have an epilogue. Martine can be found in all the same places as she could on the 21st.

Oh, ok. Here on Twitter. Here on Facebook. And here on Flickr.

Also – Howard. The Wonderful H.P. Lovecraft, mentioned in this story. He can be found on Wikipedia here. And you’ll find gateways to his mythos, which is still being built on today, here. And you’ll also find that wonderful couplet: That is not death which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even the death may die.

Dec 25:

So – to be honest. This was going to end on the 24th. It was all good, and then I did some numbers, pulled some ideas and I realised that it wasn’t. It was going over. The order of the last couple of stories has been up in the air until I wrote them. Was the egg going last, or the lights?

Was it: Conclusion, Egg Story, Lights of everyone crossing over?

Or was it, something else?

In the end – this is how it shook out, with the last photo going to Lorna.

This, too, was a modification on the story.

When I had the photos I knew I was going to do an Over here/Over there story – with combos. The lighthouses were beautiful. But the idea bombs were going to be The Tomato and The Egg.

That didn’t work once I started working. Not the way I wanted it to, anyway.

So – today’s photo was provided, once again, by the lovely Lorna. Not only is she on Facebook here, she’s also got a photo site! You can find that here.