Riisa powered her way back to her ship. She had been in a filthy mooRiisa powered her way back to her ship. She had been in a filthy mood when she dove in earlier, and the swim hadn’t improved it at all.

Back in her cabin she dressed, pulling on her favourite pink gown, “Not that it matters. Every year. Always the same,” and stomped on deck where she glowered

Gorgeously, of course.

“Ahem.” There was a timid cough. It was her lousy Bosun. “Begging your pardon, ma’am. It’s just that…there’s a ship off the starboard bow.”

Rissa stomped over to have a look. Maybe a chase and a loot could cheer her up. She shrugged.

“Raise the colo-”

“-um…begging your pardon again, ma’am.”

She hated being interrupted. What was the point of being a princess if you were interrupted all the time.

“What?” she snapped.

“Well…some of the men -”

Oh – she knew what was coming. It was the same every time. Well, not today.

“- are glad they’re not being thrown overboard?” She hissed.

“Oh. No..not exactly ma’am.”

“- wish they were still rotting in a prison cell somewhere?” Her voice was getting louder. The Bosun flinched.

“No, ma’am nothing like th-”

“Then WHAT?” She yelled.

“Well…it’s just…well…they baked you a cake, ma’am.”

She span round.

“A cake?” She was suddenly suspicious. “This isn’t a lie, is it?”

“Oh no, ma’am. Not at all.”

“Well. Where is it?”

The bosun paused. “They hid it.”

“Whheeeeeee!” Rissa squealed. She loved games. Her fingers pointed and flexed as she scampered towards her, now, favourite bosun.

“Where? Where?”

The bosun pointed to the ship in the distance.

“Some of the lads ‘borrowed’ it about a week ago. They’ve been planning it for ages. Some of the crew are here, some over there.”

Riisa ran to the ship’s wheel. “Well, what are we waiting for? Raise the colours!”

“RAISE THE COLOURS,” the bosun shouted.

“Let loose that mainsail!”

“Let loose that mainsail!” The bosun shouted.

The crew cheered as a small, pink flag bearing a skull in a gold crown was hoisted.

“Let’s go get ourselves some cake!

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