Brad and Janet Chambers stood at their son’s bedroom door.

“He’s so cute when he’s dreaming.”

Brad nodded. “Look at his little hands going. It’s like he’s building something.”

They both laughed.


“What did he say?” Janet asked.

“I think it was Aurri,” laughed Brad.


Simon, Brad and Janet’s son, dreamt. He dreamt he was an elf, working on a plan for Santa.

Well. How do you think he makes all those presents?

Simon was staring at his pad, working on the problem – how to insert an idea into the real.

He was working his way around-

“GOT IT!” He jumped up, punching the air. “It’s OBVOUS!” And with that he scuttled to the workshop to begin work.

And, before he could wake, he’d made a prototype.

“And what is this?” Asked Santa. But not with the joy of Christmas, more with the weight of a condemned man.

“It’s an idea bomb.”

“An…idea bomb?”

Simon yawned and Santa realised he had to keep it short.

“How does it work?”

Simon cut it in half. “Look – each of these seeds is an idea. You make the item and then you fill it with ideas. That way – even if one doesn’t go off, another will.”

Santa nodded. He liked where this was going. “But…how do we get it there?”

“That…” Simon let off an enormous yawn. “That’s the best part. We wait in the cafe for somewhere we can stash it to come through. Then we plant the idea of the item in that world. We don’t even have to put the item in there – just the idea of it. Once someone takes that idea, then the item should go with it. And we’ll know, because it’ll disappear from here.”

“You know, son. That might just-“

But it was too late. Simon had woken up, and all that was left was a small pile of elf clothes and a tomato.


Today’s photo was, once again, supplied by Kostika

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